Hey that’s me.

Photographer from Belgium

My name is Cedric Paquet, a Belgian with passions for travel, photography and culture. Graduating with Bachelor of Arts in Photography in 2016 June with studies of landscape and travel photography, I have decided to step forward to explore Asia, a totally different culture I had never imagined before, to capture the spirit of culture from the other side of the planet with my camera. Three months traveling through Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam in Asia was not long, but it did open my view towards people and various cultures and gave me the determination on digging into the field “traveling photography”.




FUBIZ.NET – Driving along the road Nr.1 in Iceland

BRF.BE – Junge Künstler aus der DG

CAPAUL.BE – Künstler gestalten für Capaul

GRENZECHO.NET – Junge Künstler aus der DG stellen sich vor

ALTER-SCHLACHTHOF.be – Synergie Kunstfestival/Ausstellung

MY AREAX.COM – Synergie Kunstfestival

AACHENER KINDER.DE – Künstler aus der DG stellen Aus

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.

Ansel Adams