East Belgium 8K – Time-lapse Short Film

Time lapse 8K East Belgium

East Belgium 8K

A Timelapse  movie


The short film “East Belgium 8K” aims to raise awareness of the beauty and treasures of our wonderful home of East Belgium. We are lucky to be part of it. An awake view of the beauty of our surroundings gives us strength, energy and relaxation for everyday life.

Impressions of East Belgium:

(All Timelapse footage are shoot with Sony A7RIV and Sony A7RIII.)

During the last eight months, I travelled across East Belgium to create a special video about East Belgium. My aim was to explore our region, always keeping in mind to focus on the natural environment, the villages with their local attractions and the diversity of the geographical features in East Belgium. In the course of the project, I grew to want to highlight the positive characteristics of our home in East Belgium, especially in these difficult times caused by COVID19. We live in a wonderful region with countless beautiful villages that stretch from the north to the south of East Belgium.

With the help of this project, I would like to make the public aware of the beauty and treasures of this wonderful region that is East Belgium. We are lucky to live there and to be part of it. An attentive view of the beauty of our environment gives us strength, energy and relaxation for our daily life.

This video project was created within the framework of the Art Scholarship of the Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft, without whose support the project “East Belgium 8K” could not have been realised. (Time lapse 8K East Belgium)



Publication & Articles:

Grenzecho.net : A Loveletter in 15,000 pictures: Cedric Paquet a Belgian photographer from Eupen puts East Belgium in the spotlight

Sony Belgium publication on Social Media: East Belgium 8K


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Time lapse 8K East Belgium
With more than 15,000 individual photos taken along the way, EAST BELGIUM 8K was created, a time-lapse film that invites you on a vivid journey of discovery through the nature of East Belgium, along the shores of our lakes and the panoramic landscapes of many villages.

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