Iceland – Driving along the Road Nr.1

Photo series – Iceland – Driving along the Road Nr.1

This photo series was published at FUBIZ.NET and is about a land of fire and ice. Nowhere else is there a more diverse, colourful and extraordinary nature. The weather in Iceland can go crazy. During the road trip through Iceland the seasons were the same: Winter, spring, summer and autumn united. The landscape is both rough and romantic: steep cliffs plunging steeply into narrow fjords, deep gorges, extensive glaciers, black sandy beaches, humming volcanoes, boiling geysers and flowing waterfalls reflect the volcano island. Although many cruises lead to Iceland, one does not see all the diversity of Iceland during a 1-2 day trip.

The best way to explore the island is by car. At the airport there are all car rentals, read the car insurance carefully. In most cases, damage caused by nature and animals is not covered.

The Icelandic people are best known for their emotional performance by the Icelandic national football team during the European Championship in 2016.

Bláa Lónið or Eyjafjallajökull there is a huge variety of nature.

Publication on Fubiz

Fubiz writes: “The Belgian photographer Cedric Paquet travelled to Iceland, along Route 1, the country’s main road, through the main towns and villages, approaching the coast. Thus the artist succeeded in photographing nature and the large, mostly snow-covered wilderness or the impressive waterfalls that make up the beauty of the Icelandic landscapes”.

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These images can be licensed and are also available in print. All copyrights by Cedric Paquet.

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