North Wales – Feel the essence.

This photo series deals with us, the individual and the impressive natural landscapes of North Wales. Everyone is part nature and has the opportunity to ask him self. Even small carelessness, can bring fatal consequences. The steadily growing world population requires more and more space.

The primal nature has to give way to artificially created landscapes. The demand for raw materials is steadily rising, which is immense degradation has resulted. This loss of raw materials can be the
It is impossible to regenerate nature. It can happen that we lose sight of global thinking and only stay with us to take care of our own in which we become try to hide. This poses a danger to
nature and ultimately for each one of us essential device in the background. The most beautiful places of our wonderful earth we find in the untouched nature and its diversity. Exactly in these places we find and feel our origin. Here we get our Peace and come to inner peace.

Some of these effects are reflected in the present photos taken during my trip through North Wales are again.