Tagebau Hambach – The artificial trace of Homeland

This project is inspired by the contract between the dramatic change of the surrounding area in my hometown and the neighborhoods. The open-pit coal mines in Hambach, Germany, also called „Garzweiler l“ and „Garzweiler ll“, are so enormous that is rarely known by local people.  Due to the impact of human’s environmental development, our homeland is deteriorating and people around this region do not even realize the existence of this huge transformation. Therefore, I decided to bring out this topic and rise people’s awareness towards the environment issue through the abstract photo language in a graphic perspective.

The idea is to attract viewers to watch these photos more than one time and see through the detail of them until they realize that these photos are photographs instead of normal paintings.

I have been working on this photo series for 8 months and will be possibly extending this project with local people and the abandoned village around the coal mine region int the future.