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Productphotography. Your product in the best light, from Webshops to catalogues.

The best way to display a product with all of the details. Specialized and diverse options for eCommerce product photography to match your specific needs.

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Lifestyle- , Fashion- , Productphotography by Cedric Paquet. Let me tell your stories or bring your products to shine.

Lifestyle - Fashion.

Lifestylephotography. Shot life, true benefit.

The human touch and the true benefit. This works with items such as fashion related product, apparel, footwear, accessories and jewelry. Lighting, composition and location are very important factors. A good combination will improve the visual impact

Lifestyle / Fashion

Real Estate

Real Estate Photography. Shot buildings.

This photography style is for customers who are looking for overall visual impact and a stylish aesthetic, using tools such as room settings, model shots, lifestyle, etc. Present your product in the best way to pop out product features,  and tell your story.

Real Estate


Fashion catwalk or Tradeshow? Bring your events to shine.

Fashion catwalks, tradeshows, customized projects, documentary photography? Keep the moments and bring your events to shine.

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Your happiness with your project. I will work with every client to meet individual needs. The more you tell me the better we can meet your requirements. Don’t be afraid to let me know if something bothers you, I’m always open to discuss. I want to deliver a product you can be proud of.

Professional Retouching

I retouch your photos to make them look as beautiful as possible, paying attention to every detail. Color correct each photo using the original product as a reference. Our calibrated Eizo monitors ensure perfect color matching, and calibrate the devices weekly to ensure top performance.

Working worldwide. Mobility.

I work worldwide for your projects, shootings and video shoots, flexibility and mobility are essential to meet your needs.

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