East Belgium 8K - Timelapse Short Film

East Belgium 8K

A Timelapse  movie


Time lapse 8K East Belgium – With more than 15,000 individual photos taken along the way, EAST BELGIUM 8K was created, a time-lapse film that invites you on a vivid journey of discovery through the nature of East Belgium, along the shores of our lakes and the panoramic landscapes of many villages.


The short film “East Belgium 8K” aims to raise awareness of the beauty and treasures of our wonderful home of East Belgium. We are lucky to be part of it. An awake view of the beauty of our surroundings gives us strength, energy and relaxation for everyday life.

Impressions of East Belgium:

(All Timelapse footage are shoot with Sony A7RIV and Sony A7RIII.)

During the last eight months, I travelled across East Belgium to create a special video about East Belgium. My aim was to explore our region, always keeping in mind to focus on the natural environment, the villages with their local attractions and the diversity of the geographical features in East Belgium. In the course of the project, I grew to want to highlight the positive characteristics of our home in East Belgium, especially in these difficult times caused by COVID19. We live in a wonderful region with countless beautiful villages that stretch from the north to the south of East Belgium.

With the help of this project, I would like to make the public aware of the beauty and treasures of this wonderful region that is East Belgium. We are lucky to live there and to be part of it. An attentive view of the beauty of our environment gives us strength, energy and relaxation for our daily life.

This video project was created within the framework of the Art Scholarship of the Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft, without whose support the project “East Belgium 8K” could not have been realised. (Time lapse 8K East Belgium)




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Cedric Paquet present his work as a travelphotographer at Sony Workshop in Brussel

[:de]Sony Workshop: Präsentation über Reise- und Dokumentarfotografie[:en]Sony Workshop: Travel & Documentary Photography by Cedric Paquet[:fr]Présentation Sony : Atelier sur la photographie voyage et reportage[:]

[:de]Im Oktober hielt ich meine erste Präsentation als Reisefotograf und Videograf bei einem Sony-Workshop in Brüssel.

In der Präsentation zeigte ich den Fotobegeisterten einen Einblick in meine Arbeit: einem aktuellen Reise-Projekt über Singapur, das von dem niederländischen iFly Magazin der KLM Airline veröffentlicht wurde. Ebenso erhielten die Zuschauer einen Einblick hinter die Kulissen einer dokumentarischen Foto- und Videoproduktion in Taiwan, die mit der Sony A7RIII & Sony A7III Serie gedreht wurde.

Es war eine sehr spannende und interessante Erfahrung mit großem Austausch und tollem Feedback.

Wenn Sie sich für Reisefotografie interessieren und mehr über meine Auftragsarbeiten erfahren möchten, zögern Sie bitte nicht, mich hier zu kontaktieren.[:en]Last October I had my first presentation on travel photography and videography at a Sony workshop in Brussels.

In the presentation I showed the audience an insight into my work of recent photo travel project about Singapore, which got published in the iFly KLM Magazine. As well as a look behind the scenes of a documentary photo & video production in Taiwan, which was shot with the Sony A7RIII & Sony A7III series.

It was a very exciting and interesting experience with great feedback and exchange.

If you are interested in travel photography and want to learn more about my commissioned work, please do not hesitate to contact me here.


 [:fr]En octobre, j'ai donné ma première présentation sur la photographie et la vidéographie de voyage dans le cadre d'un atelier Sony à Bruxelles.

Lors de la présentation, j'ai donné au public un aperçu de mon travail sur des projets récents de voyage photographique sur Singapour et Taïwan, ainsi qu'un regard sur les coulisses d'une production documentaire à Taïwan.

C'était une expérience très excitante et intéressante, avec de très bons retours et échanges.

Si vous êtes intéressé par la photographie de voyage et que vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur mon travail de commande, veuillez me contacter ici.[:]